Primary School, Day Care Centre and Sportshall,

The new children's education center in the suburb of Parchim is divided into three buildings, a regional school, a day care center and a sports hall. At the interface to the green spaces, path connections are created that connect the new building complex to the surrounding area. From north to south, public open spaces are staggered, giving each building a distinct address and garden relationship. Tree groups on this sequence accentuate the entrances and create recreational spaces.

In the middle of the plot lies the new regional school. On the ground floor is the spacious and bright atrium and forum with the main stairs and central meeting point. The atrium connects all storeys and offers optimal orientation in the house. On the southern part of the site with entrance from the parking lot; lies the new sports hall.

The two-story daycare centre is located in the north. A generous, two-storey foyer with a small auditorium and ramp system can be reached on the ground floor, the parents' café, the administrative rooms, the two group areas for the crèche children and the kitchen. A loggia balcony on the south and west sides with staircase and slide connects the upper floor with the garden in an attractive way. (google translate!)

This HRA design was awarded first prize in a design competition in 2019. The project is currently being developed to tender.

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