Promenade and Footbridge, Mitterdorf - Roding

2nd Prize, Design Competition 2019

The new foot and cycle path bridge between the western river bank on the Mitterdorfer side and the eastern rainfall on the Rodinger side with the adjacent historic old town bridges an attractive and exciting natural area. At the bridgehead on Mitterdorfer side a small terrace is designed as a "city balcony" from where you get a good view over the rain on the historic town of Roding with the church tower in the center, as well as in the opposite rainforest and on the new bridge structure.

The bridge spans the river with a maximum span of 53 meters at a meaningful point based on the desired route and a minimum span. The required support structure is provided above the tread to avoid unnecessarily long ramps and structures. The bridge construction consists of a statically optimized and precisely shaped hollow steel box, one-sided, above the running and roadway. This is in addition to the two supports on Mitterdorfer and Rodinger side on a trained in their shape, the static requirements trained steel support.

The necessary rigidity of the superstructure is achieved by a hollow box profile made of steel, whose parapet rises on the side facing away from the Roding as an asymmetric Torsionsquerschnitt on the road. The result is an L-shaped cross-section with variable height. Due to the chosen detailing, the view of the bridge from Mitterndorf and Roding remains extremely slender and attractive visual references can be realized without any restrictions. The result is a differentiated near and distant effect of the new structure. The close-up effect produces a sharp and exciting, minimized bridge edge. In the long-distance effect, however, predominantly the elegantly shaped, carrying hollow box is perceived.


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