Footbridge over the Emscher

  • 2019
  • Castrop-Rauxel, Germany

    The new bridge over the Emscher and the Rhine-Herne Canal forms the transition between an urban space in the west and the Emscher Valley. The bridge course allows for a slope of predominantly 3% to max. 4.5% and a total length of approx. 513 meters an attractive and obvious development from the Platz der Schicht over the Emscher terraces to the Gläserne Schacht. It connects the foot and cycle paths Emscher-Park-Radweg and Emscher-Weg along the Rhein-Herne-Canal and the Emscher-Promenade.

    In terms of design, a suspension bridge that spans 84 meters over the Rhine-Herne Canal with 10 Y-shaped pylons. The highest pylons, directly on the Rhine-Herne-Canal, extend a total of 22.5 meters over the natural terrain. The remaining pylons decrease in size proportionally to the respective span width. The addition of the construction structure creates a unique and significant impression. The proposed construction is characterized by the possibility of high prefabrication and thus ease of assembly.

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