Footbridge, Lahr

  • 2012—2018
  • Lahr, Germany
  • Client: Landesgartenschau Lahr 2018 GmbH

The City of Lahr will host the Landesgardenschau or Garden Expo in 2018. In anticipation of this, a number of projects are planned to create greater integration of the existing city parks and to facilitate pedestrian access during the Expo.

A pedestrian and cycle bridge has therefore been planned to connect the Mauerfeldpark with the Stegmattenpark over a separating adjacent motorway. The bridge geometry is complex in that the bridge must maintain clearance over the motorway and yet arrive under an adjacent bridge – and be constructed with minimal interruption to the traffic. The HRA solution for a pylon supported solution found favour with the competition jury in 2014. The project will be built in time for the Landesgartenschau in 2018.


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