Extension and Restoration of the Jahn-Museum

  • 2018—2024
  • Freyburg / Unstrut, Germany
  • Client: Verbandsgemeinde Unstrut

In the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Germany, two pioneer physical educators – Johann Friedrich GutsMuths (1759–1839) and Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778–1852) – created exercises for boys and young men on apparatus they had designed that ultimately led to what is considered modern gymnastics .

The Jahn Museum in Freyburg celebrates the life of Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn at his hometown. On a steep incline behind the existing museum building; a three-storey structure is arranged in 2 volumes with exhibition spaces located to take advantage of the best views of the adjacent town and to enjoy secure external exhibition terraces. The extension buildings are completed in polished pigmented concrete.

HRA won an invited competition for this project in 2018 and have been subsequently commissioned to complete this building for a centenary in 2022. The commission includes the refurbishment of the existing museum which is a protected structure.

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